This is it: Messy Minds Book Launch Party

I’m messy. My life is messy. My thoughts that are transferred

onto paper are the messiest of all, and I love it. No need for

masks or pretending. You, the pen, and the paper.


Messy Minds is more than just a book project, it's a community. Based in Sudbury, Ontario – it combines art, photos and photography to express our deepest emotions, hopes, desires and dreams. This book is separated into sections of secrets, musings, short writings, and wisdoms to “what would you tell your younger self?” All outlined by art, photography and poetry that encapsulates our burning desire to live our own definition of our truest lives.

Who are we? 

Hi! I'm Danielle. I'm a graphic design student from Sudbury, Ontario. I'm a traveller of the world and lover of moments of connection that cannot be put into words. I find joy in dancing late at night and looking at the stars. I am also an avid tea, book and travel lover. I'm also a piano player as well as a photographer & illustrator. 

Hello! I’m Soheila. I am a night owl, a late-night thinker, a lover of life. I believe in all forms of travel, of education,of passion, and of art.My greatest works are time stamped beyond the hours of midnight and I thrive for moments that make me feel alive, for long drives, for the perfect balance of sweet and salty.I am a humanitarian, an aspiring doctor, and an adventurer. This project, is my bigger picture.

Here's our story:

  • We launched Messy Minds in 2016 as a book project for students to share their deepest secrets, hopes and dreams with. We took a bit of time to rework the concept and work out the nitty gritty design details – and we've since expanded it to invite people from all walks of life to share their stories with us.

  • We're launching selling the first 100 copies at a book launch in early August

  • Copies will sell out quickly & we have special guest speakers, so make sure you come on time!

  • The launch will be 5:30-7:30PM, on Thursday, August 8th at La Fromagerie in Sudbury.

This is it. Join us as we laugh, cry & celebrate over the publication of the first ever edition of Messy Minds - let's revel in art, photography & poetry while we drink wine and listen to beautiful spoken poetry. We are so excited to finally offer the community of Sudbury a beautiful collaboration of art, photos & poetry and to introduce some of the very special contributors - so come grab a book and let's revel in the messiness we all are together.

The Impact

We're helping a good cause. Read on: 

  • Messy Minds is more than just a project, it's a community: we believe that by sharing our stories we inhibit strength in ourselves & others. Plus, fighting against mental health is cool.

  • We're helping to share the work of many aspiring & professional artists, as well as writers and people from all walks of life to share their deepest vulnerabilities and highest hopes with the world. We really want to make being published for other people a reality.

  • For every book sold, we're donating 25% of the profits to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Thanks everyone & we can’t wait to see you at the launch!