Photography provided by Braeden Martel

Messy Minds was born in a small coffee shop on a busy street in the sweltering heat of Summer 2016.

It started as a simple book project driving home from a concert – we wanted to create something that people who don’t typically publish their art can use as a canvas for their thoughts, dreams, hopes & vulnerabilities. Since then we’ve grown our book project into not just a book, but a community.

what is messy minds?

Based in Sudbury, Ontario – it combines art, photos and photography to express our deepest emotions, hopes, desires and dreams. This book is separated into sections of secrets, musings, short writings, and wisdoms to “what would you tell your younger self?” All outlined by art, photography and poetry that encapsulates our burning desire to live our own definition of our truest lives.

I’m messy. My life is messy. My thoughts that are transferred onto paper are the messiest of all, and i love it. No need for masks or pretending. You, the pen, and the paper.
— Rebecca Perpete

what is in the book?

  • We wanted to give a canvas for artists, aspiring artists, writers & art enthusiasts the opportunity to publish their work.

  • We accept all styles of photography.

  • We are looking for different excerpts of non-fiction writing: poetry, stories, musings, thoughts, hopes & dreams.

  • We are looking for unique pieces of artwork.

The first book project began in 2016 and we published the first edition in 2019. We are continually looking for new pieces to be submitted in future publications.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to submit a piece for consideration email us at: