Messy minds is a collaboration of vulnerability.


We gave people a canvas to send us their stories, their artwork, their creative voices and deepest inhibitions- and they responded. In the hundreds.

What we discovered was the manifestation of humanity. Of love, desire, chaos.  We cried, laughed and grieved with each submission; each individual piece exuding truth and rawness. We have learned more about humanity and humility through these submissions, than any combined experience we’ve endured.

In asking people to open up, what we revealed most of all, were roots of strength, empowerment and love that bind us together, even admits the pain.  In a world of seeming disconnection, stigmatism and barriers, we are connected through our struggles, by what hides beneath our masks, by embracing this chaotic mess that life can often be as a human being.

This book is separated into sections of secrets, musings, short writings, and wisdoms to “what would you tell your younger self?” All outlined by photography and artwork that encapsulate our burning desire to live- despite our deepest obstacles, fears, devastations and feelings of insignificance.

 Messy minds is a community that accepts darkness and breaches towards light. After all, we are all messy minds, and that is a beautiful thing.

Photo provided by Braeden Martel.



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